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What is Digital Marketing?

Social Media Management

We will set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for you. We will create engageable posts which reinforce your brand story. Respond to your comments. Check analytics.

Hyper-targeted ads

We will set-up an ad over Facebook. For example, if your customers are female accountants ages 25-35 living within 5 miles of BH3 7LA we can place your picture ad or video commercial in front of their face during the times you choose and using the budget you select.

Email Marketing

Your email list is your ATM. Ever heard that statement before? We will grow your email list using giveaways, coupons, and free stuff. We will build a long-term relationship with the people on your list by offering value. Using our bulletproof copywriting techniques we will gradually sell them stuff within future emails.

SEO / Making you appear at the top of Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. For the non-nerds out there, myself included, what that means is that we will make your website rank as high as possible for particular keywords or phrases on Google. There is free ways to do this (organically) such as adding tags to pictures, Paid Google PPC and bidding for keywords.

We Specialise In:

Instagram Marketing

Facebook Ads


Sale Leads

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